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The New Patients From Talks Bootcamp

How To Market, Fill The Room And Get New Patients From Live Events

Saturday 25th - Sunday 26th April 2020 | Dallas, Texas, USA | Early Bird Tickets ON SALE NOW - $195 $695 for a LIMITED TIME

Hosted for the first time in...

With Special Guest Speaker

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini is America's #1 Healthy Living Media Expert, a world renowned Chiropractor, Hay House's international best-selling author of The Power of Self-Healing and host of his popular radio show, Self-Healing with Dr. Fab.

Make sure your sound is turned on!
(Here's a little sneak-peek of what to expect at this incredible two-day event...) 

• Early Bird Tickets Now Available •

$195 $695 (per person) until 31st March 2020

Early Bird ticket sales end on 31st March 2020, when Full Registration opens at $695 (per person). The cost of each ticket contributes to your cost of entry, hospitality, food and drink.

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Why You Should Be Attending This Bootcamp:
Talk The Talk
Overcome and master one of the biggest fears - public speaking and learn how to position yourself as the expert.
Make The Ads
Aquire digital marketing skills and learn how to use our exact Facebook templates to fill a room of over 30+ new patient prospects.
Walk The Walk
Develop the necessary skills to run a workshop that requires you to spend less time planning and more time teaching.
Sell To Close
Join me to learn how to double the amount of patients booking on the day and the BIG mistake most docs are making...!
Tickets sell fast, so make sure to secure your space early to avoid disappointment.
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I Know The Feeling When Things Don't Go To Plan...

I know the feeling of waiting for people to arrive and starring at empty chairs or having 30 chairs set up and only having 1 person in the audience. I will never forget my first talk ever.

I had no idea how to start, what to talk about and most crucially how to actually benefit from the event by making an “offer”. In fact I’m guessing that the mere thought of making an “offer” sends shivers down your spine and if you’ve actually tried it, without a proven template, you actually want to crawl up and die even thinking back on the attempt. 

I'm telling you now that almost nothing compares to the embarrassment of not knowing your blindly making a poorly structured, sleazy sales pitch at the end and NOT ONE PERSON IS BOOKING AN APPOINTMENT! In fact you may have even experienced that and decided that “this talk stuff” is just not your thing… you’ve tried it and “it didn’t work”.


 1) Choose to master this skill that has been regularly credited by the busiest practice owners in the world as the single biggest practice builder they used for over 20 years.


   2) Slink into the dark shadow of embarrassing defeat, simply choosing to shy away from any opportunity like this because, well at times, it just seemed impossible.


Here is why you simply cant ignore it any longer...

Let me break it down a bit for you...

Write down how many times you see a patient on average...! We call this your Patient Visit Average (or PVA) eg. 24 visits. Now, multiply this number by your average adjustment fee (eg. $50). These 2 numbers multiplied is roughly referred to as your lifetime value of a client (LTV).
Let's take this a step further and work out the potential annual earnings you could generate by just doing 2 TALKS A MONTH (24 a year), which generate just 5 NEW PATIENTS each. 

That's just the tip of the iceberg!

Why Are Talks So Important In Your Practice?

Any chiropractor (no matter how shy) can get a flood of new patients through talks and events by using the tried and tested strategies taught in the 'New Patients From Talks' Bootcamp, where you're given the exact marketing, delivery and conversion strategies that helped build me a 7 million-dollar business, and helped hundreds of other practice owners magnetically explode their new patients using this one strategy!

Imagine learning exactly how to repeatedly and predictably get bums on seats, and deliver such a killer talk that people will literally queue up (with their credit card in hand) to book and pay for their appointments! 

This is without doubt the most cost effective way to get high quality, high value patients that are pre-educated and pre-motivated to work with you, making “selling” an absolute breeze! 

I'm often asked that if I had to lose everything and start all over again, what would I do? Without any hesitation I always answer by saying...TALKS TALKS TALKS and other variations of that.

But you probably already inherently know this, or have actually tried “talks” before! In fact you’ve probably tried “it all” including standing at a screening ALL DAY!

You’ve also probably heard many times about how things like “lunch and learns”, “short talks” and “dinner with doc” events will solve all your problems...! But somehow you never seem to crack that nut...

Here's The Reason Most Docs Fail At Talks...

If you're anything like I used to be, your palms start sweating at the mere mention of "talks", or even contemplating the thought of standing in front of people. The anxiety and fear that fills ANY human being when standing in front of people has regularly been referred to as the greatest fear in the world!

The fear of public speaking quite literally ranks higher than the fear of death on many polls...! Or maybe you’ve been told that “all you have to do” is speak in businesses or hold "lunch and learns", or maybe you’ve even tried but had one of 2 things happen:

       1) You just couldn’t seem to “get going” and often just can't seem to “get into” a business to do a talk or don’t even know where to start...

      2) You managed to get into a company but if your honest, you completely messed it up or had not one person actually come in, leaving you feeling embarrassed and deflated.

Or maybe you tried an “in house event” and one of these 3 things happened...

1) You have no idea how to market and get as many as 30-50 people to register and show up regularly to a “talk” or “dinner with doc” in your practice so you give up because “damn that Facebook thing is intimidating”!

2) Maybe you got people to register but nobody showed up on the day.

3) Maybe people showed up and you smashed the talk, standing ovation stuff, BUT everyone clapped for you and left without booking an appointment, leaving you feeling completely deflated about all the hard work you just put in!

So, What Will You Learn On The 2-Day Talks Bootcamp?

• How to get as many as 60 – 100 new patients in 60 minutes that all pay up front on the day for an appointment.

​• Gain the know how to set up online strategies that fill a room with anywhere between 10 - 50 people for a talk in your own practice.

​• Acquire the one page content template, that will make it so easy to fill an hour that you will have to cut the talk short. 

​• Master the 7-step process to close the talk that will get people lining up to shake your hand, tell you how great your talk was and ask where can they book (quite literally holding their credit card).

​• Discover exactly how we regularly get invited to do a “talk” in companies! 

​• Receive the exact templates that got me invited to speak on the biggest stages in the world with the like of Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker and J Abraham. 

​• The exact step by step template that makes doing ANY talk breeze! 

​• How to run talk or workshop in a way that requites you to prepare a ¼ of the content while participants learn 4x more!

​• How to overcome the fear of “talking”!

​• How to never take longer than 30 minutes to “prepare” a talk!
• The exact Facebook advert templates that we use to get people booked for talks in our practice!

​• All our talk and event checklists!

​• Copy and paste word for word talk templates!

​• Exact strategies of how we regularly get into companies!

​• The exact copy and paste email templates we send to companies!

​• Telephone scripts for when you speak to a business!

• The best advertising methods to fill the workshops!

• ​Tried and tested topics that magnetically fill the room!

​• The best days and times to hold the workshop!

​• The step by step guide that will double the amount of people booking on the day!

​• How to make it fun, stress-free and enjoyable for everyone!

​• How to position yourself as the expert prior to the talk even beginning

​• Ninja moves that have skyrocketed our show-up rate! 

​• How to position the talk in such a way that it makes your Report of Findings completely stress free!

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